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T300 New Model
T300 NEW 2022
Hot air and / or hot wedge welder, produces airtight and waterproof seams for 2D and 3D inflatables, shaped products and tubes, sheets, banners and much more.
Durkopp Adler 261 Single needle lockstitch machines with bottom feed and integrated direct drive - whether light summer fabric or denim, many applications are possible.
Miller Weldmaster RFlex
Miller Weldmaster RFlex 17KW stationary Radio Frequency (RF / High Frequency (HF) welder for industrial products
Miller Weldmaster RFlex Travel
RFlex Travel
Miller Weldmaster RFlex Travel 17KW stationary Radio Frequency (RF / High Frequency (HF) welder - travelling model for industrial products such as tarpaulins, tents, lorry tarps, high speed doors and more.
RFlex Press
RFlex Press
Miller Weldmaster RFlex Press 4KW stationary Radio Frequency (RF / High Frequency (HF) welder - small, multipurpose foot/pneumatic press HF welder with switchable: work table and gooseneck support
Miller Weldmaster UK - Eliteair Hot Air Welding machine. High-Powered Hot Air Hand Tool for all Industrial Fabrics The ELITEAIR is a versatile handheld welding tool for in-house or in-the-field instant repairs of industrial fabrics.
Durkopp Adler UK 261-160362-01 Lock Stitch Industrial sewing machine - limited availability
Solent S617D
Walking foot & needle feed machine with direct drive and simple functions - for covers, upholstery, soft furnishings
Durkopp Adler 267-373
Walking foot machine with simple functions for medium weight materials
Solent S335
Narrow cylinder arm for sewing leather goods and other shaped products
Tony H-305 walking foot machine with Solent adaption for easy change between straight / zigzag / 3 step (6 point) sewing.
Solent S617D-460
Long arm, walking foot machine with thread trimmer and auto features, quiet and economical direct drive motor
827 Eco
Needle feed model for processing fine materials in light to medium-heavy applications
667 Eco
Walking foot machine with horizontal hook and option to add synchronised binding equipment
669 Eco
Walking foot cylinder arm machine with horizontal hook and option to add synchronised binding equipment
Solent S525
Solent S525 High performance, light to medium weight sewing machine for sail sewing applications
Solent S217H
Solent S217H, high specification, industrial sewing machine for light to medium heavy applications, such as sails, kites, shades, covers and other technical fabric products.
867 Eco
Walking foot machine series with auto lubrication and wide variety of options for maximum productivity
868 Goldline
1 or 2 needle post bed machines for decorative stitching in the production of car seat covers, dashboard coverings and door panels as well as upholstered furniture.
869 Eco
Process tubular products, filter rings and ducting.
Lockstitch flatbed machine for light to medium duty applications, thread trim and auto function options
Solent SKZ-250 with puller and 3 step / zigzag
Solent SKZ-250 heavy duty, zigzag sewing machine. This is a great entry level sailmaking machine.
967 Classic
Extra heavy duty sewing machine for productivity and efficiency in heavy sewing applications
969 Classic
Extra heavy duty cylinder arm sewing machine for productivity and efficiency in heavy sewing applications

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