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Sewing Machines and Fabric Welding equipment for productions of PVC, canvas and acrylic covers and awnings 

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Triad Extreme Awning
Triad Extreme Awning
Travelling or stationary hot wedge welder for awnings, shades / tension structures.
T300 New Model
T300 NEW 2022
Miller Weldmaster T300 - new model with more versatility than ever before - now with extra precision, touchscreen and additional single roller arm.
Tony H-305 walking foot machine with Solent adaption for easy change between straight / zigzag / 3 step (6 point) sewing.
Solent Leisure Pro
Leisure Pro
Solent Leisure Pro portable zigzag, walking foot sewing machine - assembled in our UK factory
Solent S617D-460
Long arm, walking foot machine with thread trimmer and auto features, quiet and economical direct drive motor
Solent S617D
Walking foot & needle feed machine with direct drive and simple functions - for covers, upholstery, soft furnishings
867 Long Arm Models
867 Long Arm
Long arm, walking foot machine series with auto lubrication and wide variety of options for maximum productivity
Solent 267-650
Long arm, walking foot machine for large / bulky items - medium weight with manual controls.
867 Eco
Walking foot machine series with auto lubrication and wide variety of options for maximum productivity
Heavy duty, straight stitch Industrial sewing machine - for sails and heavy / bulky products.
Triad Extreme Universal
Triad Extreme Universal
Travelling or stationary hot wedge welder for varied production needs - customisable
Lockstitch flatbed machine for light to medium duty applications, thread trim and auto function options
T600 Extreme Shade
T600 Extreme Shade
Miller Weldmaster UK T600 Extreme Shade Hot Wedge Welding machine. A COMPLETE SHADE AND AWNING SOLUTION Effortless operating welder for welding PVC or acrylic shades, awnings and structures with additional fabric handling support. Its heavy duty construction allows for the toughest jobs.
T600 Extreme Flex
T600 Extreme Flex
Miller Weldmaster UK T600 Extreme Flex Hot Air and Hot Wedge Welding machine. The T600 Extreme Flex welds hems, hems with pocket and hems with rope. We're known for the longest-lasting machines. The T600 Extreme Flex is built for multiple-shift production, and with its solid-steel design, this machine will last for multiple decades.
T600 Extreme Cover
T600 Extreme Cover
Miller Weldmaster UK T600 Extreme Cover Hot Wedge Welding machine. A TARP AND COVER PRODUCING WORK HORSE Miller Weldmaster's T600 Extreme Cover will weld your panels and finish the edges of your covers and tarps. The T600 Extreme Cover will meet any production demand.
T300 Extreme Shade
T300 Extreme Shade
Hot wedge welder for PVC or acrylic shades, awnings, marine, and structures
T300 Extreme Flex hot wedge
T300 Extreme Flex
Hot air and / or hot wedge heat systems for versatility to make a variety of products.
Miller Weldmaster UK - Eliteair Hot Air Welding machine. High-Powered Hot Air Hand Tool for all Industrial Fabrics The ELITEAIR is a versatile handheld welding tool for in-house or in-the-field instant repairs of industrial fabrics.
112 Extreme
112 Extreme
Travelling head welder for long, straight seams - fast and very accurate
967 Classic
Extra heavy duty sewing machine for productivity and efficiency in heavy sewing applications
667 Eco
Walking foot machine with horizontal hook and option to add synchronised binding equipment
Durkopp Adler 267-373
Walking foot machine with simple functions for medium weight materials

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