ADLER 120-30

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Single needle lockstitch machine with bottom feed and extra large barrel shuttle

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our advantages
- powerful sewing motor for penetration of thick materials
- special sewing equipment for circle and straight sewing operations
- sensor monitored sewing foot lift position
- mounted  EFKA-DC sewing motor with encoder and epicyclic gear set


Technical field of application
Manufacturing of hoisting slings and polishing discs


The ADLER 120-30 is a Dürkopp Adler AG licensed Produkt of 
SL – Spezialnähmaschinenbau Limbach GmbH & Co. KG


For any information please contact the producer directly under the above mentioned contact details.


Performance features
stitches:                             max. 350 1/min
stitch length:                     5 - 12 mm
highest sewing foot lift:  40 mm
lowest sewing foot lift:   12 mm
material thickness:         max. 26 mm
under arm clearance:    470 x 200 mm
base plate size:               730 x 250 mm
needle system:               1000 H
needle size:                      Nm 300
thread size:                       7 (Serafi)
weight:                              100 kg (incl. Motor)