1. 267-373
    Single needle or lockstitch flat bed machine for medium-weight material Learn More
  2. 911-210-6055
    CNC-controlled lockstitch pattern stitcher with max. sewing area of 600 x 550 mm, with exchangeable material clamp for free programmable sewing operations Learn More
  3. H867-190362-70
    Single needle lockstitch longarm machine as reinforced version with 3XL hook, 700 mm clearance to the right of the needle, with bottom feed, needle feed and alternating feet, electropneumatic thread trimmer, add. electropneumatik switchable thread tension, integrated 2. stitch length, electropneumatic seam backtacking and sewing foot lift, electropneumatic quick stroke adjustment, integrated sewing light (LED) Learn More
  4. Solent 966-950x400
    For sewing all sizes of sails up to superyachts. Versatile long and high arm machine for a wide range of threads from V69 to V207. Learn More
  5. Solent 967-850
    High performance, extra heavy duty, long arm, walking foot machine for sewing webbing reinforcements on sails, covers, leather and awnings. Learn More
  6. Solent Texsew Pro Series

    For high speed, pucker-free seaming of all sewn digital print finishing.

    Now you can choose to start with the basic components then upgrade later when business grows and productivity and efficiency become even more important.

    Start with the Solent Texsew Pro Basic and add the tooling and a conveyor to complete the set-up for the full Texsew Pro Conveyorline or the Texsew Pro Compact.

    Learn More
  7. T2 Extreme
    T2 Extreme A ROBUST, low cost sign seamer for your banners and signs! The T2 Extreme is a table mounted welder for any small job. It’s designed to be heavy-duty for long use with a driven top and bottom weld roller for consistent pressure and reduced wrinkles. Learn More
  8. T3 Extreme
    T3 Extreme A PERFECT fit for any size business! The T3 Extreme hot wedge welding machine was designed with the smaller business in mind. This efficient hot wedge welding machine will produce all the seams required for the banner, sign and awning maker! Learn More
  9. T300 Extreme Edge
    T300 Extreme Edge The FASTEST welder for finishing banners and signs You have to see it to believe it! Finish a 4×6 banner in under 1 minute! The T300 Extreme Edge is a banner welding machine that combines versatility with precision adjustments. The T300 Extreme Edge comes equipped for finishing high speed hems, pockets, rope-in-hems for banners, signs and printed media. Learn More

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