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Miller Weldmaster

Hot air, hot wedge and Impulse fabric welders. 

Portable hand held, floor welders, continuous welders and automation to suit all requirements.

Miller Weldmaster
Miller Weldmaster

The First Choice Globally of All Industrial and Technical Textile Welding Solutions. For over 40 years Miller Weldmaster (USA) have been designing and manufacturing multiple welding machines and technologies for the production of a wide range of applications in any industry.

  1. T3 Extreme Used
    Used machine - T3 Extreme Can be seen working in our Bradford showroom - please call for an appointment The T3 Extreme hot wedge welding machine was designed with the smaller business in mind. This efficient hot wedge welding machine will produce all the seams required for the banner, sign and awning maker! Learn More
  2. T300 Extreme Curve
    T300 Extreme Curve The world’s MOST versatile welder for making inflatables Produce airtight and waterproof seams for 2D and 3D meeting the toughest demands. The T300 Extreme Curve can be used as a hot air or hot wedge welding machine, making it the perfect machine to help with curves or unique shapes. Learn More
  3. T300 Extreme Curve Double-Wall (drop stitch)
    T300 Extreme Curve Double-Wall Now WELD double-wall fabrics Our most versatile machine, just got better! You can now add on our double-wall (drop stitch) option. The T300 Extreme Curve with the Double-Wall option is designed to reduce the use of glue, increase production and create airtight and watertight seams. Learn More
  4. T300 Extreme Edge
    T300 Extreme Edge The FASTEST welder for finishing banners and signs You have to see it to believe it! Finish a 4×6 banner in under 1 minute! The T300 Extreme Edge is a banner welding machine that combines versatility with precision adjustments. The T300 Extreme Edge comes equipped for finishing high speed hems, pockets, rope-in-hems for banners, signs and printed media. Learn More
  5. T300 Extreme Filter System
    T300 Extreme Filter System AUTOMATED filter tube production Configured for almost any size, diameter filtered to and cut to length needs. Unwind, weld and cut filter tubes automatically with precision controlled parameters. Learn More
  6. T300 Extreme Flex
    T300 Extreme Flex Our most VERSATILE welder A flexible welding solution with ability to use hot air and hot wedge welding technologies with an unlimited array of seam types. Use hot air or hot wedge to weld overlaps, hems, pockets, and more. The T300 Extreme Universal is our most universal welder handling any job. Learn More
  7. T300 Extreme Keder
    T300 Extreme Keder Make keder ALL day, every day A complete, automated system for high speed single or double keder production. The T300 Extreme Keder System is built to weld keder as fast as possible. With welding speeds up to 100ft per minute, the T300 Keder system will make rolls of keder as fast as your customers order them. The oscillating rewind and controlled fabric payoff system ensures you have a quality roll of keder every time. Learn More
  8. T300 Extreme Shade
    T300 Extreme Shade A COMPLETE shade and awning solution Simple operating welder for welding PVC or acrylic shades, awnings and structures. Use hot air or hot wedge for optimal versatility for any awning application. Learn More
  9. T300 Extreme Travel
    T300 Extreme Travel Makes large jobs EASIER to handle For the in-house production of your largest products with the capacity to weld any length allowing easier material handling for the operator and alleviating the weight of long, heavy fabric. Learn More
  10. T600 Extreme Cover
    T600 Extreme Cover A tarp and cover producing work horse A welder that will weld your panels and finish the edges of your covers and tarps. The T600 Extreme Cover will meet any production demand. Learn More

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