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From standard welding machinery for PPE, tents, marquees, temporary structures, shelters, ducting and ventillation through to fully automated systems.

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  1. Solent T300 Extreme Edge Conveyorline
    T300 Extreme Edge The FASTEST welder for finishing banners and signs You have to see it to believe it! Finish a 4×6 banner in under 1 minute! The T300 Extreme Edge is a banner welding machine that combines versatility with precision adjustments. The T300 Extreme Edge comes equipped for finishing high speed hems, pockets, rope-in-hems for banners, signs and printed media. Learn More
  2. Spec Extreme
    Spec Extreme SPECIFIC portable welder for your specific wedge welding needs Standardize your process with the Spec Extreme. The Spec Extreme is a portable wedge welder that creates the perfect seam every time. The Spec Extreme wedge welder is a “specific,” single purpose welding machine used to accomplish a particular weld style. The Spec Extreme is designed to be used as a stationary unit or an automatic welder for long seams while it travels on a track. Learn More
  3. T2 Extreme
    T2 Extreme A ROBUST, low cost sign seamer for your banners and signs! The T2 Extreme is a table mounted welder for any small job. It’s designed to be heavy-duty for long use with a driven top and bottom weld roller for consistent pressure and reduced wrinkles. Learn More
  4. T3 Extreme
    T3 Extreme A PERFECT fit for any size business! The T3 Extreme hot wedge welding machine was designed with the smaller business in mind. This efficient hot wedge welding machine will produce all the seams required for the banner, sign and awning maker! Learn More
  5. T300 Extreme Flex
    T300 Extreme Flex Our most VERSATILE welder A flexible welding solution with ability to use hot air and hot wedge welding technologies with an unlimited array of seam types. Use hot air or hot wedge to weld overlaps, hems, pockets, and more. The T300 Extreme Universal is our most universal welder handling any job. Learn More
  6. Triad Extreme Cover
    Triad Extreme Cover Small portable welder for your cover and tarp production The Triad Extreme Cover is the machine for creating strong tarps and covers quickly and smoothly. The Triad line of machines are designed with the small production floor in mind, as they are small and portable without losing any of the efficiency and quality of a larger heat welder. This particular machine is made with a wider base than the other Triad machines, so you can create larger diameter pockets. Its noiseless operation and flexibility make it a great choice among tarp welders. Learn More
  7. Triad Extreme Shelter
    Triad Extreme Shelter Small, portable welder for structural applications The Triad Extreme Shelter is a small but powerful welding machine for the tent and shelter industry. The machine is portable and designed to move along a tabletop track, or as a stationary welder. The Extreme Shelter creates strong seams for your production every time. Learn More

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