How to Make your Rotary Blades Last Longer

July 18, 2017

If you’re a crafter (especially if you sew) a rotary cutter is your friend. It might even be your favorite craft tool.

I will say that one of the most frustrating things is when you go to cut a piece of fabric and your blade is dull! You have to cut it like 3 times to make a cut and then it’s not a clean cut, it’s more like a ragged cut with strings. Not fun.

Let me show you a tip on how to sharpen your rotary blade.

Keep in mind that this trick isn’t long term, but if you’re going to throw your blade in the trash anyways it can’t hurt to try right? We all love the feel of a brand new blade that cuts like butter but this tip is a close second for me!

Oh, and please remember to always be careful when cutting anything with a rotary cutter!

You’ll need:

cutting mat

heavy duty tin foil

fabric scraps

Start by tearing off a large piece of tin foil and fold it many times. I folded mine until I was cutting through 6 layers.

Next, start cutting the tin foil many times.

To test it out, I keep some scrap fabric on hand and see if I sharpened it well enough. Repeat process until blade is sharp.