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Solent Sewing
Solent Sewing

Solent manufacture long arm and special sewing machines as well as conveyor systems in our Portsmouth, UK factory. Machines are used in a variety of industries, particularly sailmaking and digital sign print finishing.

  1. Oceanmaster XXL
    The World's largest, super long and high arm sewing machine with the world's most powerful puller feed. Extra heavy duty long and high arm machine for a wide range of threads up to V207 Learn More
  2. Medical and surgical mask production
    Medical / surgical mask, gown and suit production. Learn More
  3. Solent Twinner

    The world's 1st double needle 3 step (6 point) zigzag sewing machine.

    Sew 2 rows of stitches simultaneously - half production time on sail panels!

    Learn More
  4. Solent 967-850
    High performance, extra heavy duty, long arm, walking foot machine for sewing webbing reinforcements on sails, covers, leather and awnings. Learn More
  5. Solent Offshore SKZ-650
    Heavy duty, 3 step and zigzag, for medium to large sail manufacture and repair Proven construction, built for high production and long life Learn More
  6. Solent 525i-750
    Long arm, Light to medium weight for spinnakers, kites and smaller, lighter weight sails. Learn More
  7. Solent 525i-750-HA

    Long & high arm, Light to medium weight for spinnakers, kites and larger, lighter weight sails (picture shows 525i-750 without the higher arm)

    Learn More
  8. 267-650
    Long arm, lockstitch flat bed machine for medium weight material Learn More
  9. Solent Zigzag Sewing Feet

    Solent made zigzag and 1/2 feet

    Learn More
  10. Solent P1/M50

    Puller feed with 50mm rubber roller, Manual lifting by lever

    Learn More

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