There are a number of options available for making Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), either with regular sewing and welding machines or with automation.

Please send details of your requirement with pictures of the product you want to make, the materials you want to use and approximate quantities you need to produce daily / weekly / monthly so that we can advise on machinery to suit your needs.

We have found that some materials such as elastic are not easy to procure at this time so if this is in your design you may want to look at other options like tapes.

We very much want to play our part in the COVID-19 effort but please bear in mid that automated solutions will take some time to build, deliver and install. A lot of companies and individuals are trying to buy very similar equipment so we may need to look at different options to suit your requirements.

We are an independent supplier of sewing and welding machinery so are not limited to any 1 manufacturer, however we will offer only good quality machines that we know are reliable.

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    Medical / surgical mask, gown and suit production. Learn More

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