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  1. Triad Extreme Awning
    Triad Extreme Awning Small but powerful awning welder for efficient production The Triad Extreme Awning welder is a small, portable, and powerful awning welding tool. Designed for the production flow that needs a reliable and flexible welder, the Triad Extreme Awning is a great option for creating awning, blinds and shades. The machine can be configured as a stationary welder or as a self-guided traveling welder on a tabletop track. Whatever way you decided to use it, the Triad Extreme Awning will give you the perfect seams you need. Learn More
  2. Triad Extreme Cover
    Triad Extreme Cover Small portable welder for your cover and tarp production The Triad Extreme Cover is the machine for creating strong tarps and covers quickly and smoothly. The Triad line of machines are designed with the small production floor in mind, as they are small and portable without losing any of the efficiency and quality of a larger heat welder. This particular machine is made with a wider base than the other Triad machines, so you can create larger diameter pockets. Its noiseless operation and flexibility make it a great choice among tarp welders. Learn More
  3. Triad Extreme Shelter
    Triad Extreme Shelter Small, portable welder for structural applications The Triad Extreme Shelter is a small but powerful welding machine for the tent and shelter industry. The machine is portable and designed to move along a tabletop track, or as a stationary welder. The Extreme Shelter creates strong seams for your production every time. Learn More
  4. Triad Extreme Universal
    Triad Extreme Universal Portable welder for varied production needs The Triad Extreme Universal is an all-around wedge welding machine for a production that needs multiple machine capabilities. This machine is equipped to handle multiple types of fabrics and weld seams, and can create a broad range of plastic welded products. Like the other machines in the Triad line, the Universal wedge welder can be configured as a stationary welder or as a tabletop track welder. Either way, the machine is simple to use, takes up only a small amount of space, and creates perfect seams every time. Learn More

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