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  1. T600 Extreme Cover
    T600 Extreme Cover A tarp and cover producing work horse A welder that will weld your panels and finish the edges of your covers and tarps. The T600 Extreme Cover will meet any production demand. Learn More
  2. T600 Extreme Curve
    T600 Extreme Curve The worlds MOST versatile welder for making inflatables Produce airtight and waterproof seams for 2D and 3D meeting the toughest demands with additional fabric handling support. Ability to handle the toughest production demands for curved applications. The T600 Extreme Curve is packed with everything needed to weld curves and unique shapes for the production of inflatables, tanks, bladders and more. Learn More
  3. T600 Extreme Flex
    T600 Extreme Flex Our most VERSATILE welder A flexible welding solution with ability to use hot air and hot wedge welding technologies with an unlimited array of seam types and extended fabric handling support. Built for the toughest production demands. Learn More
  4. T600 Extreme Shade
    T600 Extreme Shade A COMPLETE shade and awning solution Effortless operating welder for welding PVC or acrylic shades, awnings and structures with additional fabric handling support. Its heavy duty construction allows for the toughest jobs. Learn More
  5. T600 Extreme Shelter
    T600 Extreme Shelter Make ANY size, tent or shelter Heavy duty construction for your largest shelter production needs. Weld large panels and finish edges on one machine. The T600 Extreme Shelter is ready for any tent or shelter application. Learn More

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