A select range of sewing machines and sewing systems under the Solent brand

Some models made in our UK factory with Solent custom equipment options, others branded by us following extensive testing and quality checks. All backed up with full support and the Solent guarantee

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Solent S617D-460
Long arm, walking foot machine with thread trimmer and auto features, quiet and economical direct drive motor
Solent Conveyorline-3S with Solent Twinner
New to the Solent range, the Conveyorline-3S - can be added to most Solent models for improved material handling capabilities and reduction of operator fatigue.
Solent Twinner
Solent Twinner wide double needle 3 step zigzag sewing machine for sewing 2 symmetrical rows of 3 step (6 point) zigzag simultaneously. Halves the time to sew sail batten pockets etc.
Solent S217H
Solent S217H, high specification, industrial sewing machine for light to medium heavy applications, such as sails, kites, shades, covers and other technical fabric products.
PROTOTYPE - Solent Twinner Ultra-HD
Twinner Ultra-HD
Solent Twinner Ultra-HD double needle sewing machine - For finishing as well as seaming - UV strips, tapes and other sail applications in 1 or 2 needle. 1 or 2 rows of 3 step zigzag sewing, 1 or 2 rows of zigzag sewing AND 1 or 2 rows of straight stitch sewing. Heavy duty with XXXL hooks. Halves the time to sew sail panels and other products.
Tony H-305 walking foot machine with Solent adaption for easy change between straight / zigzag / 3 step (6 point) sewing.
Solent S335
Narrow cylinder arm for sewing leather goods and other shaped products
Solent 869-1000-RA
2 needle, long cylinder arm machine for sewing filter rings and ducting.
Solent S525-740-HA
Solent S525-740-HA High performance long & high arm zigzag and 3 step machine for light-medium weight sail sewing applications
Solent S525
Solent S525 High performance, light to medium weight sewing machine for sail sewing applications
Heavy duty, straight stitch Industrial sewing machine - for sails and heavy / bulky products.
Solent S617D
Walking foot & needle feed machine with direct drive and simple functions - for covers, upholstery, soft furnishings
Solent 366-760-HA
Solent 366-760-HA long and high arm, medium - heavy duty machine for the sailmaker - zigzag and 3 step / 6 point sewing
Solent Twinner
Solent Twinner double needle 3 step zigzag sewing machine for sewing 2 symmetrical rows of 3 step (6 point) zigzag simultaneously. Halves the time to sew sail panels.
Solent Oceanmaster XXL
Solent Oceanmaster - the world's largest, super long and high arm sewing machine with the world's most powerful puller feed
Solent 267-650
Long arm, walking foot machine for large / bulky items - medium weight with manual controls.
Solent Texsew Pro Conveyorline
Texsew Pro Series
Solent Texsew Pro Conveyorline for soft signage -SEG, webbing, Velcro and Hemming - Automated sewing
Solent SKZ-850
Solent SKZ-850 medium - heavy duty long arm Sailmaking Industrial sewing machine -
Solent SKZ-250 with puller and 3 step / zigzag
Solent SKZ-250 heavy duty, zigzag sewing machine. This is a great entry level sailmaking machine.

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