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Sewing machines for the sailmaker

Covers & Awnings

Sewing and fabric welding machines for the cover and awning maker


Sewing machines for the upholsterer, auto, marine and domestic

Signs & Banners

Sewing and welding machines for fabric signs & banners

Filters & Ducting

Sewing and welding machines for filter and ducting production

Leather Goods

Sewing machines for leather goods such as handbags, purses, horse and dog accessories

Inflatables & Dropstitch

Sewing and welding machines for inflatable and dropstitch products

Tarpaulins & Geomembranes

Sewing and welding machines for tarpaulins, large covers and geomembranes

Tents & Structures

Sewing and welding machines for tents, marquees and tensile structures

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Industry: Signs & Banners

112 Exteme
112 Extreme
Travelling head welder for long, straight seams - fast and very accurate
827 Eco
Needle feed model for processing fine materials in light to medium-heavy applications
867 Eco
Walking foot machine series with auto lubrication and wide variety of options for maximum productivity
Solent Conveyorline-3S with Solent Twinner
New to the Solent range, the Conveyorline-3S - can be added to most Solent models for improved material handling capabilities and reduction of operator fatigue.
Miller Weldmaster RFlex
Miller Weldmaster RFlex 17KW stationary Radio Frequency (RF / High Frequency (HF) welder for industrial products
RFlex Press
RFlex Press
Miller Weldmaster RFlex Press 4KW stationary Radio Frequency (RF / High Frequency (HF) welder - small, multipurpose foot/pneumatic press HF welder with switchable: work table and gooseneck support
Miller Weldmaster RFlex Travel
RFlex Travel
Miller Weldmaster RFlex Travel 17KW stationary Radio Frequency (RF / High Frequency (HF) welder - travelling model for industrial products such as tarpaulins, tents, lorry tarps, high speed doors and more.
Miller Weldmaster T3 Extreme
T3 Extreme
Desktop hot wedge welder for signs and banners - for small business
Miller Weldmaster T300 Extreme Edge
T300 Extreme Edge
Fastest, hot wedge welder for sign and banner products
T300 Extreme Flex hot wedge
T300 Extreme Flex
Hot air and / or hot wedge heat systems for versatility to make a variety of products.
T300 New Model
T300 NEW 2022
Hot air and / or hot wedge welder, produces airtight and waterproof seams for 2D and 3D inflatables, shaped products and tubes, sheets, banners and much more.
Solent Texsew Pro Conveyorline
Texsew Pro Series
Solent Texsew Pro Conveyorline for soft signage -SEG, webbing, Velcro and Hemming - Automated sewing

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