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Miller Weldmaster

Hot air, hot wedge and Impulse fabric welders. 

Portable hand held, floor welders, continuous welders and automation to suit all requirements.

Miller Weldmaster
Miller Weldmaster

The First Choice Globally of All Industrial and Technical Textile Welding Solutions. For over 40 years Miller Weldmaster (USA) have been designing and manufacturing multiple welding machines and technologies for the production of a wide range of applications in any industry.

  1. 112 Extreme
    112 Extreme EFFICIENCY you care about. Performance you crave! The 112 Extreme high performance welder is our fastest and most precise welder for long straight seam. It has a large range of welding capabilities built to fit any company size and application. The 112 Extreme is built to take your production and efficiency to the next level. Learn More
  2. 116 Pool Beading
    116 Pool Beading Welder for Applying Pool Sidewall Beading The versatile 116 Pool Beading Welder is designed to weld pool beading to the sidewalls of pools faster than any other operation in the industry. The versatile 116 Pool Beading can be easily setup for welding beading to the top or bottom of either side of your sidewall. Learn More
  3. 118 Sidewall System
    118 Sidewall System Custom Sidewall Beading and Construction The 118 Custom Sidewall Pool Beading Machine allows you to make custom walls for your pool customers without keeping a large variety of material patterns. This machine will allow you to weld your pool bead to your pool border at the same time that it welds the border to your wall. The machine is designed to be able to make one liner at a time or come off roll. Learn More
  4. AES1800
    AES1800 Automated Finishing System for Rolled Products The Automated Edge Seaming AES1800 is designed to automatically finish your rolled products. It will weld, grommet and cut your products eliminating excessive labor. The bottleneck of your workflow no longer has to be your finishing operation. Learn More
  5. AES1900
    AES1900 All-in-One Automation Finishing System It will quickly and efficiently finish products reducing your finishing bottlenecks. The AES1900 is designed with the capability to weld and grommet single panels or produce product off roll. Will weld and grommet 3 x 5 banners every 30 seconds. Learn More
  6. Bi-Directional
    Bi-Directional Increase In-House Efficiency with CONTINUOUS Bi-Directional Roll Production The Bi-Directional travels up and down a track welding and laying material down one layer at a time in each direction Learn More
  7. BT2000
    BT2000 Automated Tank and Bladder Welding Machine Designed to increase tank and bladder production while dramatically reducing labor. Our elusively designed welding heads enable the operator to weld overlaps and top and bottom tape covers, all in one pass. The low ground construction enables you to construct your tanks using your floor while eliminating material handling. Learn More
  8. CIPP Single or Double Layer
    CIPP Single or Double Layer Single or Double Layer System for Cured-in-Place Pipeline and Tubing The Single layer or Double layer systems will weld a roll of fabric into a rehabilitation tube and apply tape with hot air on top of the sewn seam, making the pipeline seam waterproof. The machine is capable of welding or sewing two layers of fabric simultaneously: one layer of non-woven felt on the inside and one layer of coated felt on the outside. The coated felt layer can be coated with PVC, polyurethane, polyethylene or polypropylene. This machine can weld or sew both layers, tack welds layers together all automatically inline simultaneously, saving time improving consistency and increasing quality. Learn More
  9. DH7600
    DH7600 Weld and finish two edges at the same time The DH7600 is designed to finish the outside edges of almost any size product simultaneously. This welder is the most economical solution to meet your finishing needs and can easily be customized to match your customers demands. Learn More
  10. Digitran
    Digitran Innovation Through Performance An exclusive all-in-one sewing and welding solution. Now finish all PVC banners and signs or sew digital textiles with Silicon Edge Graphics (SEG). Allow the Digitran to taking your production to the next level. Learn More

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